Our vision and mission

Our vision is to become a leading provider of solutions that prevent and respond to modern-day security threats, making the world a safer place.

With evolving and increased threats to public safety and data protection, our mission is to develop and deliver advanced solutions which will enable governments, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, as well as business enterprises, to protect and enhance public safety.

We pride ourselves on operating to the highest ethical, safety and regulatory international standards and are committed to making a positive contribution to all the communities and countries in which we operate.


Founded by Tomer Avnon in 1990, the Avnon Group operates in over 60 countries and is a leading provider of turnkey solutions and technologies for governments, Homeland Security (HLS) agencies and Police and Special Units in the public safety. The Avnon Group believes that public safety is not only about responding to events, but anticipating and deterring threats.

A client-orientated company, our dedicated teams of experienced HLS and technology experts work closely with local agents, government leaders and organisations to develop customised solutions and implement innovative technology. Using a range of cyber technology, HLS solutions such as IED technologies, Safe City concepts and Disaster Management, we provide both operational and tactical measures to meet the needs of our clients.

Our strong understanding of the market, operational regulations and available technology, as well as our ability to create synergies across our diverse portfolio of companies, positions the Avnon Group at the forefront of public safety.



Tomer Avnon, has proven experience in building companies from ground zero with a successful track record in delivery & execution of large-scale projects. Tomer Avnon established his first company TAR IDEAL CONCEPTS 28 years ago, with the goal of bringing the latest technologies and solutions to the IDF. Adopting the civilian marketing concept of “One Stop Shop” for the HLS market the Avnon Group provides turnkey solutions to over 60 countries.

  • Former Israeli Defence Force (“IDF”) Special Forces veteran, with proven experience in establishing companies and delivering and executing large-scale projects in HLS and Defence sector
  • Founded first company, Tar Ideal Concepts, in 1990 with the goal of bringing the latest technologies and solutions to the IDF



Stacy has worked with the Avnon Group for over five years, during which time she has helped to create a united language and content, develop leads and new channels for the sales team. Prior to joining the Avnon Group, Stacy held various marketing positions in the defense and hi-tech industry and has vast experience in creating content, marketing strategy, campaigns and business intelligence for both start-up and well-established companies.

  • Former IDF Foreign Affairs
  • Stacy joined Avnon in 2012
  • Prior to joining the Avnon Group, she held various marketing positions in the Defence and hi-tech industry:
    – Logic Industries
    – 888
    – Formula Group
  • Originally from the UK, Stacy moved to Israel in 1990


  • Former IDF Infantry
  • Joined Avnon Group in 2015
  • Member Board Of Directors at:
    – SKYLOCK – Anti-Drone System
    – Cyber2Go
    – Tactic Labs
  • Chairman of Board of Directors at COMPARTS Ltd
  • Previously held the position of Chief Credit Officer & Director Business Dev. at Leumi International Bank
  • BA in Economics and Business Management and a Master’s Degree, Law from Bar Ilan University

Aviad has been with TAR from 2008, and in 2014 became the CEO. Aviad has vast experience of opening new markets and creating new sales distribution channels and a network of agents worldwide. Aviad has successfully led several technology collaborations that have enabled TAR to compete in a wide range of HLS & defense arenas.

  • Former IDF Special Forces
  • Joined Avnon in 2000 as a local sales representative, subsequently, International Sales Manager and VP of Sales
  • Vast experience of opening new markets and creating new sales distribution channels and a network of agents worldwide
  • Appointed CEO of TAR division in 2014



Former, Director General of the Israeli National Cyber Security Authority | Former CEO of Sphera Systematic Hedge fund, part of Sphera, the largest Israeli Hedge Funds management group (>$1B AUM) | Former Head of M.O.D. cyber and technology defense authority. Published several academic articles in cyber arena. | Ex-Officer at one of IDF’s elite technological units. | Entrepreneur and founder with over 30 years of experience in leading of large C5I research and development teams. | Vast experience in research, development, implementation and practical execution of mathematical algorithms for capital market trading. | Engineer, Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Computing (B.Sc.) from Ben-Gurion University; Wide knowledge and experience in parallel and super computing engineering.



The Avnon Group is a privately held company specializing in turnkey solutions for the defense and security markets.
Client orientated, the group is led by TAR Ideal, a successful trading company. We have also  adopted TAR’S One Stop Shop Concept allowing us to deliver turnkey solutions.

Working in complete synergy, the companies within the group develop, manufacture and market technologies in Cyber, UAV’S & drones, Military police equipment and training, intelligence solutions and products to meet our customers’ requirements from A-Z.